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Bill is going with Lygia New Years Eve.  Sometimes –

                        Dec. 30, 1942

            Bill and I met Daddy for lunch at

Court Café and went through Davis & Geck.  We

weren’t too friendly but down deep had a

lot of fun.  The plant is always interesting and

it was nice to see the people, hear compliments

and stuff – you know “my! how you’re growing


            Nana came for supper, and we talked

awhile.  I dressed for a date with Floyd which

was really fun.  We saw “Skin of Our Teeth”

with Frederic March and Tallulah Bankhead.  It

was the craziest thing but wonderful.  Then we

went to the Plantation Room at the Dixie –

Teddy Powell was playing.  Floyd sent me a

corsage which symbolized “I love You!! Oh dear!

It’ll be the last time I’ll see him for I

don’t know how long.  He goes in the army New

Year’s Day.

                        Dec. 31, 1942

            Mother and I went shopping and had

lunch at a Spaghetti House.  Nothing special