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go through I guess!  Anyhoo

practically everyone I speak

to seems to be having the

same difficulty.

            News!: - W. & M. has also

fallen in with the Educational

Policy for National Defense or

something.  Wait till you hear

the “glad”(?) tidings!  W. & M. is

going to have school 12 months

out of the year!  Not summer

school - - - but the real thing!

Next semester (after this coming

one) begins June 15th and

lasts through September 11th

with exams and everything!

No summer vacation.  Just a

test to see who can best stand the

grind and summer heat.  The

object is to graduate in three

years instead of four.  It

will not be compulsory but

by not coming you won’t keep

up with your class.  It’ll