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January 1

Happy New Year! It seems hardly

possible that it's 1943 already -- how

time does fly (to be prosaic!)

The year began uneventfully enough:

Mother and I picked up Cary (recuperatin’

from her appendicitis-removal) and

went to Dr. Weiss -- then on to Janssen's

for lunch. We spent most of the late

afternoon at the Hettler's who were

having open house. It was good

to have egg nogs and fruit cake

inspite of all the rationing going on.

Daddy came out on the 5:17. We all

fooled around and then had a

big dinner of Virginia Ham. Looking

back on the day, it seems as though

all we did was to eat.

    I spoke to Bill Brennan on the

phone. He saw "Random Harvest" today.

He sounded fairly all right.

   Floyd was inducted in the army at 12:00.

I wonder where he'll go and stuff!