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January 2

Cary spent the night here. Mother

she and I met Aunt Jean Zschoina

for lunch at the Holland House

Taverne. The food was good, and

we enjoyed it.

   Then Cary and I went on to

meet some friends of hers at

the St. James Theatre to see

“Without Love” starring Katherine

Hepburn and Elliot Nugent. The

comedy was amusing and K.H. was

excellent but the rest of the

acting seemed a bit stilted.

   On the subway coming home I

bumped into Jackie Tilford and

Ginny Frank – talked and reminisced.

Bill Brennan came up to say “Goodbye” –

he goes back to Lehigh tomorrow. He is

definitely coming down to Billsburg. Fun!

I got Bill Boyd’s picture this

morning. It’s real good and I’m thrilled.