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January 3

   After a leisurely morning around

the house, Mother, Dad and I drove

over to Kay’s and Louise’s to give

them their tickets for the trip back

to Williamsburg Tuesday. They’re

both swell girls (and oh! I got

my Xmas presents from them.)

   We then stopped at the Amber

Lantern in Flushing for dinner

of roast chicken and came on

home where Daddy rehearsed his

acceptance speech for the banquet

(Army-Navy Eaward for Davis and

Geck) Wednesday night. I feel as

though I know it by heart.

   Lizzie gave us a “party” of

tea sandwiches and coffee on her

china – it was real good.

   We stopped at Brennan’s to see

Mrs. Brennan and Pat and have some

port wine on the way to the station

with Daddy.