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January 4

     Whew! Whatta day! Mother and I

got up early to go to the Paramount

and saw “Star Spangled Rhythm” with

all the Paramount stars. (it was a

riot!) Benny Goodman and orchestra

and Frank Sinatra were there in person.

     We then dashed back to Robert’s for

a shampoo, set, eyebrow pluck and

manicure. I felt quite beautified!

     After that we flew home to pack

my laundry box and suitcases with

time out for a trek to Dr. Sammis.

He examined my foot (the one with

the torn ligaments) and wrote me

an excuse from gym. He’s a darling!

     Mother and I went into New

York again to check my bags through

to Billsburg.  We met Daddy at the

Hotel Pennsylvania for dinner.

     People phoned to say Goodbye and

stuff. Lordy, how this vacation flew!