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January 6

   I felt crummy all day today –

sort of an upset tummy and the like.

Sooo I just lounged around, with

time out to go to the station and pick

up my suitcases – I also avoided

food continuously. Needless to say,

I went to classes too since it would

involve a five dollar cut otherwise.

    I'm kind of disappointed today. Bill

Brennan was definitely coming down here

and we both wanted it so badly but

his orders to go in the army have been

changed and the only dates he could

be sure of being able to come are the

dates of my exams. Oh phoo! I wish

something could be arranged! The

special I got from him today told the

bad news. I haven't given up all hope yet.

    I got a real nice letter from Bill Boyd.

Everything seems swell on that score.

    People dropped in all evening.