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January 8

Another uneventful day – I won't make

anymore apologies for uneventful

days though cause there'll probably

be scads of them before I'm through

this winter.

   Flash! I got A- on a philosophy quiz

which I got back from Dr. Haserot

today. ‘Twas my first mark of that

sort all semester and I could

hardly believe it.

   I went over to Barrett this afternoon

a-visiting Kay, Ginnie, Lou, Cary, and Jan.

They were all thinking about studying.

Beth and I went downtown to shop,

but couldn't find any of the things

we wanted. I was up in the tower from 12 - 1.

   I got busy tonight with an evening

of "personal improvement." I feel

all lush and contented now.

   I got a nice letter from Jimmy Tracey, a

Canadian sailor I met this summer and a

note from Pat Brennan.