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January 9

   Slept late today cause I didn't

have a class till 10:00. I went over to

Miss Barksdale's office to see about

my gym credits (I haven't been

taking it because of my sprained foot)

   After a good lunch [Mrs. Shackleford,

our new housemother, is terrifically nice]

   Beth, Danny and I went downtown and

then fooled around all afternoon.

Danny got a letter from her mother

telling her about her grandmother's

death. She felt pretty badly about

it too.

   Kay, Lou, Dossie, Muggy and I

went up to the Lodge coffee shop for

supper. Then I came back and wrote

letters and listened to the Hit Parade

("There Are Such Things” – dreamy song) was

first. All the kids in the house are so swell.

  It snowed last night and the campus

looked like a Fairyland.

   I got a letter from Mother.