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January 17

     It's inconceivable! Last week it

snowed and today it's been so hot

that we resurrected summer dresses

and sweltered in them. All the

windows are open, but nary a

breeze comes in! And it's January

too! It's good for the fuel

shortage anyhoo.

     Beth, Carolyn and I went to Bruton

Parish, feeling we needed some religious

stimulation to help us through the

grueling experience of exams.

     I finished studying for my Soc.

Now I'll just need a quickie of a

review before the exam Friday.

     Beth and I bought some food

and cokes at the College Shop which

we dropped at Muggy's and Doris'

to cheer them during exams. They

seemed thrilled and cheered.

     We ate supper on the porch. Cooler!