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January 19

     I've studied so much Economics (with

Danny) that gladly would I scream!

Tomorrow this time, my exam will

be over. The uncertainty of not having

had an exam before this has been

annoying – I like to get the fool

thing over with. Golly, I ought to

at least pass my exams with this

display of studiousness. I've never

before studied even half so hard.

     We took time out for a trip

downtown, one to the Wigwam, and

another one to the post office.

     Janie Enberge's Max, an ensign

in the Navy, stopped by on his

way to boarding his ship. He

seems awfully swell and Jane

loves him good.

     Letter from Mother & Dad.

     Dot Grady, KΔ from Cornell, whose father

teaches at Jamaica High, told me tales of Bill!