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January 22

     I developed a beautiful case of writer's

cramp – if nothing else today. This morning

from 9 to 12, I answered questions which

made up a Soc. exam. It wasn't too

bad and I'm sure I did fairly

 all right on it.

     I had two hours in between and

then zoomed over to Wren where I

wrote about English Lit. for three

hours. (My left hand is now

practically paralyzed). This was a

lulu, but once I got into it, it

could have been worse. The first of

three questions summarized the whole

semester's work!

     Beth, Cary, Janie, Libby, Dot, Holly,

Carolyn & I snuck away from exams and

saw "Reunion in France" starring Joan

Crawford and Philip Doorn. It was

exceptionally good!

     Nice letters from Bill Boyd & Henrietta.