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January 25

     The philosophy exam wasn't so good –

or rather, the exam was fair and

my knowledge was there, but the

questions on the exam never quite

seemed to coincide with my knowledge

so – I’m kind of pessimistic

about it. Hope I can keep my C!

     I visited in the dorm this

afternoon. Stupendous news: Colbie

met a boy Art Ward, on the way

back to school at Christmas time.

(He goes to Fork Union!) They've

been writing each other daily and he

came to see her last weekend. Result:

They're going to get married in June!

It's fantastic but Ginnie seems

terrifically happy! I'm confused, but

so long as she knows what she's doing –?

     Lots of mail from Mother, Dad,

Pat Brennan and Floyd. Floyd still

seems happy in Miami Beach ("Sweet" letter!)