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January 27

     At 9:30 A.M. I met the train from Richmond

no Bill! Mimi Jardine came tearing down to

the station to say he'd missed connections and

had phoned the house. Finally he got in at

12:30 – it was really good to see him. It

was raining and as a matter of fact rained

all the time he was here. We had lunch

at the Capitol and walked all

around town and campus. We

stopped at Barrett and saw some of

the kids before going to the KΔ house.

Bill liked them all and vice versa.

I hopped into my gabardine dress

and we went to the Lodge for awhile –

dinner and dancing! We went to the

station to meet Beth and Danny returning

from Richmond – sat swinging over legs on a

freight wagon till the train came. We went

back to the Lodge till 11:00 and then to

Laverys where we talked and stuff till 2:00.

I spent the night with Pat. Such fun!