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January 28

     Bill called for me at 10:00. I wasn't

quite up but zoomed into my clothes when

he came. We had breakfast at Laverys

and then walked around in the rain

some more. At noon we met Bussie and

Cary for lunch at the Capitol again.

Some more walking with stops at Smith's

where Bill was staying, and at the

house. We zoomed to the station

again and hopped on the train. We've

had terrific ice storms down here

so Bill had to leave tonight and was afraid

of not making connections. We went to Richmond

together so he wouldn't have to say "Goodbye"

so soon. Dinner at the Hotel Murphy

was wonderful. We walked back to the

station and finally my train came in.

It was best he saw me off rather than for me

to say "So Long" to him. I sniffed into his

voluminous hankie and then all gone! I hope

our "I'll be seeing you’s” come true soon.