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January 29

     At first this morning I didn't feel too cheery –

as a matter of fact I felt downright

unhappyish but in a little while I

returned to the "Black Rose" girl usual

status – acting normal (?) again.

     Libby Fisher officially told us she'd

been married to Charlie Beville since

Sept. 17th. We'd suspected it all along,

but now we know. She's leaving Sunday

and we'll miss her terrifically. One

compensation though is that Cary is

moving over to the house to take her

place. Sounds like fun!

     Tonight Beth, Holly, Libby, Pat Triem,

Sheila and Mrs. Shack (who gets even nicer

every day) and I saw "Casablanca" with

Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and

Paul Henreid. Lordy, it was wonderful.

I haven't gotten over it yet!

     My Sociology and Spanish grades

came (C in Soc. & B+ in Spanish)