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January 31

     Today was a beautifully restful

Sunday to end all beautifully restful

Sundays. This morning Beth, Conny,

Marty and I got religious inspiration

at Bruton Parish and then all afternoon

we zoomed around in the living rooms

playing bridge listening to dreamy

programs on the radio, talking and

generally doing useless things. Twas

blissful not having to study or

anything. I'm in favor of it.

     Libby and Holly have left and

Cary, Sheila, Pat and Elaine (Punchy)

are moved over. It seems so different!

Speaking of Libby, she announced to us

that a little Libby or a Junior is on its

 way. It'll arrive in June! Gee, we all

love that girl and will miss her terrifically.

     This has been such a neat month

inspite of exams and all that. A lot

of swell things have happened!