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February 1

     “Rabbit, rabbit” day: a new month and

a new semester. I’m starting out with my

new leaf again! I just had three

classes today. Psych of the Interview

really does terrifically interesting things;

a whole gang of us take it together

and I know it’ll be fun; Spanish was

as usual; and Bowling, good stuff.

I can’t understand why I’ve never

bowled before.

     At the council meeting we appointed

Elaine Social Chairman. The sorority

meeting was uneventful.

     Flash!    I got A – 97 on my Econ.

Twas the highest mark in the class

and I’m so happy.  I haven’t gotten

a good mark in a long time. I guess

I’ll definitely major in Business

Administration now. It sounds so sensible.

     I’ve developed a gem of a cold

which involves losing my voice. Neat!