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February 5

     I hate to keep repeating myself but

the weather gets wetter n’ wetter all the time.

I “braved the elements” going to class

and up in the tower. No airplanes – they

always seem to be out to lunch.

     We rushed Betty Driscoll this afternoon

and evening. A bunch of us went to

the movies and saw “Andy Hardy’s Double

Life” with Mickey Rooney. It was awfully

cute and very funny! We came back

to the house for dinner and then

went to the basketball game. We

played Hampden Sydney and beat them

46-37. Quite an exciting game!

     Besides mail from Mommy and

Daddy, I got a card from Bill Brennan

saying he’s definitely been accepted

for premeteorology training. Gosh I’m

glad cause he wanted it so badly.

I also got a censored letter from

Jim Tracey with a sentence cut out.