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February 6

     The sun broke through at last and

almost hurt our eyes with its unaccustomed

glare. It does look and feel good though

after all that doggone RAIN.

     After classes, Beth, Elaine and I walked

around downtown buying soap and things

like that. Then we came back and slept –

fooled around all evening too.

      Holly Miller phoned and came over to

see me. She looks real good – I feel

like a heel for not having seen her this week

'ceptin' while dashing around – not for a

talk, I mean.

     I got my laundry box cookies and a

crate of oranges from Mr. Dulaney. Good!

I heard from Margie and Bugsie and

received a howl of a letter from Floyd.

It really was a gem!

     Pat Lavery’s man, Pete, is home from Great

Lakes. She’s a happy little girl!

     I’m cutting another wisdom tooth on top of all else.