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February 7

     Twas another peaceful Sunday of sleeping

late, hanging around and listening to

the radio. I went over to Barrett and

talking deeply with Holly, we whipped

up a concoction, which developed into

pimiento cheese sandwiches.

     Pat Lavery’s man, Pete, is home on

leave from Great Lakes and she brought

him around to meet me. Gosh, he’s

a darling; they make an awfully

cute couple!

     Announcement came over the radio

that shoes are being rationed – only

3 pairs a year per person. All my

shoes are wearing out on the bricks

of Williamsburg too. Ah me! I shall

have to revert to the primitive

days of going barefoot!

     Also was it announced that W&M is

being used to train Naval – CHAPLAINS!

Isn't it Hell? No ensigns! (air corps)