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February 9

     Twas a real nice day! We slept

through Philosophy and cut English Lit,

feeling truly wicked. This afternoon,

I did some philosophy and then

Elaine, Janie and I went to see

“The Crystal Ball” with Ray Milland

and Paulette Goddard. It was

awfully cute and we laughed 'n’

laughed. Twas funny!

     Official grades came out and I

found out that although Iturralde

sent out my card with B+ in Spanish

my grades say I got A in it. I

don’t know who made a mistake,

but the A is official so I’m not

complaining. Final grades are 2 C’s,

1 B and 2 A’s – I made Dean’s

List so am real glad about it.

     W&M is giving courses in Meteorology.

If I’d been a good little girl –, but

things don’t happen like that!