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February 10

     We gave a tea for Mrs. Shackleford this

afternoon. Everything ran smoothly and people

seemed to enjoy themselves as far as things

like that go. We sent her an orchid corsage;

since it was her first, she was terrifically

thrilled. She's so wonderful! All the

housemothers, sorority presidents, Mrs. Pomfret,

Dean Landrum, Miss Low, etc. came. We had

tea, sandwiches and cakes and my smile

is just about frozen now.

     My bowling improved to 69! I'm

getting there but still my technique aint

so good and I must admit I reverted to

49 on my second game.

     After the tea we hopped back in sport

clothes and ate dinner and went to chapel.

Don't know why but I got hysterical and

Elaine was very disgusted with me. Of course,

she had to start laughing too which was why

she was disgusted.

     Folk dancing! Fun, but I'm a-weary!