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February 11

     Beth came out of the infirmary last night,

but went back this morning cause she has the

measles. She'll be in at least three more

days! Oh gad!

     A bunch of us went to see "Shadow of

a Doubt" with Theresa Wright, Joseph

Cotton, and Macdonald Carey--the scariest,

best old picture, and good! We flitted

around and studied a little philosophy.

Tonight, Cary and I went to an

aircraft spotter’s meeting which turned

out to be really interesting. Films showed

the whole procedure of reporting planes.

We're going to have to identify the

56 kinds of plane, which sounds

involved. More courses!

     Wayne, a little sailor, came to see

Mimi Boone tonight and she seems happy

at seeing an old friend and stuff.

     I had a strictly carburetorish

letter from Bill Brennan--still no orders!