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February 12

  Happy Lincoln's Birthday! No observation

of the holiday though! Psychology

of the Interview involved an Assuage

Test, which proved how one can't tell

the truth sometimes no matter how

hard one tries. Spanish was as boring

as ever and the first philosophy quiz

of the semester was typical!

   I watched in the tower for an hour.

Cary and I got lush blue and gold

Army Air Corps arm bands for over

a hundred hours service of airplane

spotting. They're an impressive memento!

   I visited in the dorm and saw Dossie

and Muggie, "remaking the friends"

I'd lost when I hibernated because of

my cold.

   Mother, Dad and Lizzie sent a stupendous

box of chicken, cookies, candy, sandwiches, etc.

We had a feast tonight and twas delicious.

Letters from Ginnie Frank, Edith and home.