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February 13

     The weather has taken a decided

turn on the COLDish side, and it snowed

in a blizzardy sort of fashion. I'm frozen!

     This afternoon, a gang of us went to

the movies to see "Saludos Amigos," the

Walt Disney picture. I developed a big

crush on Pedro, a baby airplane.

Playing with the cartoon was a

March of Time, taken in Williamsburg

last spring in technicolor for the

Restoration. It was so odd to see

and hear about buildings and

things we see and do every

day. It was very interesting though,

even if they cut out the part I

was in.

     I got a percolator Valentine from

Bill Brennan and cute ones from

Daddy, Pat Brennan, Danny, Bugsie,

and Midge and Marty. Otherwise

my sex appeal is nil!