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February 16

     Another day! Student Religious Emphasis

Week opened with a convocation. Dr. E. Frank

Salmon of the Philadelphia Holy Trinity Church

spoke terrifically interestingly, and

he inspired me religiously.

     Beth came out of the infirmary

and it sure is good to have her

back with us. To celebrate a gang

of us saw "I Married a Witch" with

Veronika Lake and Frederick March.

It was a cutely stupid picture

about witches and the like.

     Beth, Elaine, Cary and I went to

a Freshman basketball game which

didn't quite materialize.

     Ninety of the Army Reserve

boys were called up today in

addition to some Army Air Corps

fellows. All the time more fellows

leave – Gad! Bill leaves for

Lehigh & Fort Meade, Maryland, tomorrow!