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February 17

     The day started with my usual eight

o'clock and then I substituted for two

hours in the tower; during which time

we had a state-wide practice air raid.

Dr. Harrison, the Chief Observer, relieved me,

however, and so I missed most of the excitement.

     My bowling improved to 68 again. (I'm

going to make at least 75 or bust) I

did philosophy and "tortured" the pledges

as they washed and ironed our Venetian

blinds etc. Our curtains look lush too!

     Beth and I went over for dinner

at the Home Practice House with Danny.

She cooked it with her own hands and

we were impressed. The "fancy" frozen

meat loaf, peas, bread with relish, coffee,

and strawberry fruit cup and cookies,

were all truly wonderful!

     A bunch of us went to the Methodist

Church where Dr. Salmon spoke again. He is

super! Then on to Folk Dancing & the Wigwam.