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February 18

     An uneventful day, with walks

downtown, a little studying and a lot of

fun. Tonight, Becky, Mrs. Shack, and I

went to hear Dr. Salmon speak in Phi

Beta. He's such an interesting person!

     I had a "humiliating" experience in Economics

class today. We're going to do special

reports in committees of five – graduate

work type of thing for experience. We chose

committee leaders and the leaders chose

people to be in their committees. Everyone

was chosen finally 'ceptin' Cary and me –

and then Cary went and I stood, deserted.

An "amoosin' “ discussion with Dr. Heidingsfield

followed and finally Bill Harrison said "I

guess I choose Miss Hirsch"— as though he

had any choice in the matter. We've howled

over my humiliating experience all day.

     Still no news from Ft. Bragg; I'm crushed. –

also no news from Miami Beach which is a

blow to my pride! "My life is bleak!"