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February 19

     After classes and philosophy quiz were

over, my day was a nice one. This

afternoon we had an informal bridge

party at the house. Betty Driscoll

stayed for dinner and afterwards we put

the KΔ ribbon on her – everyone's real

happy about it! I visited in the dorm

awhile and bumped into Dossie too.

     Tonight Beth, Punchy, Marty and I

(with eleven other members of the Psychology

of the Interview class) went to Dr. Foltin's

house. We had such a swell evening;

he's fascinating and it was fun sitting

cozily around the fire, looking at the

imaginative surrealistic paintings he'd

done and just listening to him and

Mrs. Foltin talk in their Czechoslovakian

accents. They're so stimulating to be with!

     I got letters from Joan & Margie. –

Bill's orders were changed and he still

hasn't left Hollis. I got C+ on Philosophy