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February 20

     I'm dead -- or reasonable facsimile

thereof! Classes were boring and unexciting!

This afternoon was a typical Saturday

afternoon – we walked around down town

and then sat on the front porch writing

letters and stuff. – twas so balmy!

     This evening Kay, Colbie, Lou, Anne

(Kay's new roommate) and I went to

the Lodge Coffee Shoppe for hamburgers

and chocolate layer cake. Très good!

I hopped back and at 7:30 Mimi

Boone, Floppy Pettigrew, Punchy and I

went down to the Methodist Church U.S.O.

center and had gobs of fun, once things

warmed up a bit! We threw darts, played

checkers and dominoes and were kind of bored,

but once the square dancing started it was

swell. I was with Andrew, – a sailor from New Jersey,

who was awfully nice – most of the evening.

Virginia reels, imitations, and singing were most fun!

     A carburetor letter from Bill Brennan!