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February 21

     Sunday – our one morning to sleep – but

Beth, Punchy and I got up for 8 o'clock communion

in the chapel. We met Kay and all went to Bruton

Parish for Canterbury Club breakfast, which was

good and fun.

     This afternoon was likewise typical.

We played bridge, wrote letters and listened

to the radio. Mrs. Enberge is down and

while she, Jane, Mimi B. and Becky were

at the Lodge for dinner they met some

sailors, who later called up the house

for dates. Mimi and I went out with

them – back to the Lodge for champagne

cocktails, dinner and dancing. It was fun

but an unusual experience, for they were

both married; and I'd never dated a

married man before. Bill, my date, was

awfully nice and has a terrific singing

voice. He asked me to write his wife,

which I did. Her picture looked grand.

     Mother phoned and we chatted.