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February 23

     Honestly, I planned to accomplish a lot

today, but I didn't quite manage it. We got

up for cup service at 7:00 A.M. and then on to

classes! This afternoon Cary and I walked

up to the Public Library and then I went

visiting, having deep talks with Dossie

and Muggie, Kay and Louise. I did

accomplish something in the line of

"gaining and keeping friendships."

     Bill Samuelson, the sailor phoned and

wanted a date. I didn't think it wise

and said "No." He sounded so pathetic

though that I asked him to come up

to the house where a gang of us

went down to talk with him in the

living room. He's really a wonderful

fellow and I hope Margie his wife,

can come to Williamsburg soon.

     Besides mail from Mother and Dad and

a cute note from Pat Brennan – I heard from

Bill Boyd. He's in South Dakota – couldn't write

because of secrecy of his moves. Alas!