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February 24

     I'm tired again! In between classes

I studied some philosophy and wrote a

few letters. Guess what: I bowled

73 today! I'm improving, but still

have a long way to go before I'm a

smooth bowler -- if ever.

     We slept awhile this afternoon to

try and do away with the pallor of

our faces relieved only by the dramatic

sombreness of circles under our eyes.

We're so tired!

     Tonight was the formal KΔ reception

for initiates. Representatives from

sororities, and men, came. There was a

surprisingly large number of men

here considering the scads of them

leaving for camps north, south, east

and west of here. I was talking to [Bussie?],

Dick Goodman, Gene Hanofer and Butch

Fleming most of the evening. It was fun,

as things like that go.