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February 25

I slept through philosophy lecture this

morning and then, revived, got up and

worked, constructing a psychology chart,

reading English Lit and copying notes. This

afternoon, I did some studying for my

philosophy quiz and then took time out,

with Beth, Danny and Cary to give

exuberant approval to Wit's End Stationary

which arrived. It's such cute stuff, with

darling appropriate pictures at the top

of each page. I feel inspired to write


Beth, Cary, Marty and I went to the movies

and saw "The Hard Way" with Ida Lupino,

Dennis Morgan and Joan Leslie. It was

terribly dramatic but real good,

having a deep moral. Reminiscent tunes

running through it, were good!

I heard from Floyd at last too. He's

stationed at Lowry Field, near Denver, Colorado.

Everyone is so far away these days!