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February 26

   Went to my 8 o'clock and then hopped up

in the tower with Cary for two hours, with

airplanes soaring over, one after the other –

fast and furious. I went to Spanish and

took my Philosophy Quiz (C+ again last week).

We studied this afternoon and gabbed some.

Then this evening, Punchy and I went to

Bruton Parish to help with the supper which

the Canterbury Club gave for people in town,

who never eat home-cooking. It was lots

of fun; over a hundred people came and

we felt we’d "done so much" for them.

I'm gonna join a waitresses' union

though – my poor feet and aching muscles!

   Mr. Dulaney sent us a box of Mexican

candy from Texas, and Daddy sent some

food too. By the way the difficulties at D&G

involving desires for a labor union, seem to

have been peacefully and favorably settled.

Daddy's so glad about it all!

Cary went to the Phi Tau formal! Smooth!