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February 28

     Today was such a nice day! Beth, Punchy,

Dossie and I went to Bruton where Rev.

Curt Junker delivered the sermon. He used to

be assistant-minister at St. Gabriel's in

Hollis when I went to Sunday School there.

He left for South Dakota to do work in the

Indian missions and since then has

become quite an important figure in

Religious Youth Movements. He's truly

a magnetic personality!

     After dinner we took walks and did

some studying until four o'clock when

Beth, Punchy, Mrs. Shack and I went to

Bruton Parish house for tea and forum

(conducted by Mr. Junker). I spoke to

him for a few minutes and we reminisced

about St. Gabe's. He's neat and I like

him so much

     We got back from the tea too late for

supper and so had a sandwich and milk

shake at the Wigwam.