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March 1

"Rabbit-rabbit" day again! Classes and

bowling went much as usual. At

2:00 o'clock, I went visiting in the

dorms and saw Jan, Connie Cooley and

Janie. I had a deep talk with Colbie.

She's kind of unhappy about the way

her parents are taking news of her coming

marriage with Art. Big problems!

Punchy Cary and I went to see

"In Which We Serve" with Noel Coward.

It was powerful, and one of the

best pictures I've ever seen.

There was a W.S.C.G.A. meeting,

aircraft spotters gettogether, formal

pledging for Betty Driscoll and

sorority meeting. Elections for new

ΚΔ officers took place with following

results: Floppy Pettigrew, Proxy;

Fran Pendleton, Vice President. Becky

Koehler, Secretary; and Beth, Editor.

Ann & I are treasurers still.