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March 4

Such a busy day! This afternoon Beth,

Punchy, Cary and I went down to the

telephone company office and applied for jobs

as operators, since they're needed so badly

and since we felt we could give time (and

would like the money). We had an interesting

time, filling out applications and being told

sketchily how it all worked. Chuck Gondak

who is in charge told us if we are going home

for spring vacation and not coming to summer

school it wouldn't be worth while to train us.

He's going to try to work it out though. It

would have been fun and good experience!

Colby came over, bringing Art to meet me. He

really seems wonderful and I'm beginning to

understand it all. After dinner, I went to a

German Club meeting, did philosophy, learned

how to deposit, etc. for the Treasury from Ann

who brought the books over for me; and lasted

through a blackout.

I got awfully cute letters from both Bills!