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March 5

In between Psychology and Spanish, which

I really cut, I went up in the

tower as is usual of a Friday

morning. Then after dashing off

receipts and deposit slips, I trekked

down to the bank with the ΚΔ treasury

pouch tucked underneath my arm.

I trembled all the way cause I

deposited – $1,334.28! It was

an experience though and I began

to "mature."

After philosophy quiz (I knew almost

nil) we all played around and I

managed to write a few letters. Tonight,

after dinner, Beth, Cary, Becky, Jane,

Carolyn and I went to see the

College plays "Back to Methuselah"

and "Man of Destiny" by George Bernard

Shaw. The acting and production

were excellent but they were poor choices

for college entertainment.