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March 6

It rained really hard most all the

day, with the sun peering through

occasionally. Anyhoo, our plans to

garden and fool around in the

spring like outdoors fell through. Instead,

after lunch, Beth, Punchy and I really

dug down into the job of cleaning

our room. We even went so far as to

move the beds and roll up the

rug to bring all dust and dirt to

life. Some corners hadn't been touched

since we moved over here in September.

We worked pretty hard dusting and

vacuuming, emptying wastebaskets and,

in general, looking and feeling like

cleaning women.

Betty Marie Ellett came over for dinner

and stayed awhile. She's a cute Freshman –

hence informal rushing of the non-rushing

sort. Everyone does it.

Bill Samuelson still phones and wants me to go out.