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March 7

Another busyish day! Beth, Punchy and

I went to Bruton for regular church

service confirmation and communion (double

feature!) We felt deeply religious!

After dinner, Kay and Mrs. Johnson

came over; then we all talked and

wrote letters. At 4:30, Punchy and I

went to the Bruton Parish tea and

forum which Bishop Brown led. He's

a lot of fun and seems to be awfully

nice! I tore out of Bruton and went up

to the Lodge with Barbara Gray, Arlen

Mims, Danny Lee, Timmy and Ann to

meet Kay and her mother for a wonderful

dinner. It was so sweet of them to

ask us! Then I came back and tore

into the ΚΔ treasury report with

Ann P. I'm mentally fatigued from

adding long columns of numbers

and then subtracting and dividing.

'Tis a tiring job!