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March 9

Nothing happened in classes today except-

ing my conscience is beginning to hit

me and I feel I should study somewhat

and devote more time to books and classes.

Seems difficult to do though!

  This afternoon I went to see Holly

and then Kay, Lou and Colbie. They're

all such wonderful girls. Art has

gone out to Milwaukee to meet and talk

with the Colburns; Lou had a super time

at Lehigh as I'd known she would – Bill

Gulick goes in the Air Corps March 26th.

Beth, Punchy, Cary, Marty, Becky and a

whole bunch of other kids and I

saw "Keeper of the Flame" with Katherine

Hepburn and Spencer Tracey. I liked

it very much – the acting of every

part was excellent.

  Tonight was an intramurals basketball

game between ΚΔ and KAΘ. We lost!

   Letters from Floyd and Mother and Dad.