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March 10

Ash Wednesday and such a nice day! It

was springlike, and wonderful! Punchy,

Cary, Becky, Midge, Janie and Mimi and I

went to 8:00 A.M. Communion at Bruton to

get in the spirit of Lent. Then back to

classes and an afternoon of studying

philosophy on the front porch. Punchy

and I went to chapel tonight and then

we had our usual Wednesday night fun

at Folk Dancing with a trek to the

Wigwam afterwards.

The big events of the day though were:

1. Connie Korn became engaged (by letter)

to Shea, who's a Captain in the army, stationed

at Fort Sill, and seems to be terrifically nice.

We can't believe Connie's settled down to

one man – seriously. She's walking on clouds.

2. Fran Pendleton was elected Chairman of

Judicial Council – one of the 3 big things

in W.S.C.G.A. That means so much for ΚΔ;

and we're completely happy.

I got B+ on last week's Psych. test