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March 11

We went through classes without excitement

or novelty, and as a matter of fact, there

isn't much of anything at all that

happened to write about. After lunch,

Beth, Danny and I went over to the Red

Cross Work Room and whipped up some

surgical dressings. It was fun of a

sort, and gave the Black Rose Girls a

chance to catch up on latest news and

intimate gossip. It also made us feel

as though we were doing something

worthwhile. The rest of the afternoon

was spent dreamily on the front porch.

I've got spring fever again! Tonight

Beth and I wanted to go to a Backdrop

Club meeting, but the ΚΔ Council

meeting for appointing new chairmens

held us up and we never did get

there. I studied at Philosophy – didn't

get much done however – evening ended in

a jam session.