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March 12

     I climbed up into the tower for my

two hour scan of the skies. Cary went

up the first hour and Midge joined

me the second. I was late for Spanish but

that didn't much matter. Philosophy

quiz was as grim as usual – some week

I'll really know the stuff, I hope! I

did get B- on last week's paper, though.

     Beth, Cary, Punchy, Pat and I went to

the movies and saw Bob Hope's new riot

"They Got Me Covered." It was Hopishly

slapstick, but awfully funny. We laughed

'n' laughed 'n' laughed.

     Flash! After dinner tonight, Beth, Punchy

and Cary taught me to ride a bike again.

I hadn't ridden in ages and so it was

loads of fun – it made this a Red Letter

Day! I am indebted to them indeed!

     I walked out to Bell Hospital with Cary

to see about a swollen gland behind her

ear. It's nothing serious – nor mumps though!