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March 13

   I felt like little Nell – one weekend a

year the pledges and new initiates take

over the house, while "us" who live here

go to the dorms. 'Twas a miserable day

though and we didn't feel like being

dispossessed at all. At around 4:00 P.M.

Kay, Lou, Janet and I went to the Lodge

for hamburgers and coffee. Downtown I bought

a pair of hauraches (nonrationed shoes)

and feel happy about the whole thing.

We all reunited at the Wigwam and admitted

that we missed each other – all fifteen

of us. I trekked over to the practice

house to spend the night with Danny,

and chatted with Muriel Koch and

Floppy Pettigrew – even playing honeymoon

bridge. I slept in the attic, hemmed in

by trunks with a pair of roller skates

hanging over the bed.

     I got a letter from Allen Fischwenger and

a card from Jimmy Mooney – nice boys.