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March 14

   Danny fixed Floppy and me some orange

juice, toast and coffee, and then we kind

of snuck back to the house. It was fun

spending the night over there – terribly

[efficient?] though. Beth, Punchy, Becky

and I went down to Bruton for morning

service and then had dinner. After that,

Beth, Punchy, Cary, Jane and I hopped

into shorts, through raincoats on, and

went over to Barrett's roof for a sun

bath. It felt good, but I don't think

we got much tan – if any! A develop-

ment from the sun and heat was a

case of measles for Cary. We took her

over to the infirmary, and there she

rests in peace.

   The rest of Sunday afternoon and evening

was typical – quiet and peaceful

with a snack to eat in the living-room.

   Bill Samuelson phoned as did Dossie. Mother

phoned from N.Y. Everything seems fine!