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March 15

   Besides being Income Tax Day, today was

verily a Red Letter Day – one of the biggest

in my life for I got myself a job. Chuck

Gondak from the telephone company, phoned

and offered it to me, after putting good

things on my reference blank. Honestly –

I'm so thrilled about it – Imagine my

earning over six dollars a week and

having fun too. Of course, the novelty may

wear off but it's wonderful now. I

don't sit at the switchboard – just

record the outgoing long distance calls,

and switch them over to the Richmond

operator. It's such fascinating work,

and makes you appreciate the stuff

that an operator does. Golly, I couldn't

be more enthusiastic about it. I'll

have to budget my time, but I think

I'll be able to do it. It's sort of a

challenge. My, how dramatic!

   I visited in the dorm this afternoon.