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March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Along with the

wearing of the green came another

real nice day. This afternoon, Midge

and I went to our last bowling

class, and I bowled 77 and 79. Then

we fooled around downtown: I bought

a Max Reig pin for Bugsie's birthday

and did some shopping for Mrs. Shack.

Mail included my daily poem post-

card from Daddy, a letter from

Ginnie Frank, and one from Mrs. Hughes

enclosing a check for me to buy Cary

some apples and oranges. Marty and I

bought them and took them over to

the infirmary, and then voted. Then

natchally I went to work. No stuff –

I love it more each day and am not

at all anxious for the four hours to

be over with. How I'm looking forward

to the day when I'm presented with

my first paycheck!